Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Time to the Gym

Yesterday was the first time I went to the University exercise room. It was an interesting excursion.  I really need to learn to read.

I walked from the apartment to the university in my boots because of the snow.

When you get outside of the gym hallway, you have to take off your outside shoes.  Students put their outside shoes in these boxes.

Faculty get their own little lockers boxes for storing their indoor shoes.  Guess which box belongs to Ted?

I changed from boots into slippers here.

When I got to the exercise room, I changed from slippers into my indoor gym shoes.  These shoes are only for use inside the building.
I planned to use the exercycle so I could read (a book about Abraham Lincoln in English) and exercise, but I couldn’t figure out how the machine works.  I tried pedaling to see if the screen would light up.  I tried poking at all the buttons. I couldn’t read the instructions, so I decided to use the treadmill instead.

The treadmill is bilingual.

A fun feature of this machine is that it tells you how many calories you have burned and what the food equivalent is.  For each 25 calories, the blue line moves across the bottom. (Running causes blurry photos).

Hard candy takes 25 calories

Hot drink




Ice cream

Some other kind of dessert

Ted told me that the next level is a cold frosty mug of beer.  I guess I need to exercise longer tomorrow.

When I left the exercise room, I was able to find the shower room because I am able to read pictures.

 This sign was inside the changing room door.  I don’t know what the first part says, but the last four symbols spell Kudasai in hiragana, so it is a polite sign.

Weather Note: yesterday it sunny and got up to 36 F during the day, so some of the snow melted or compacted.  After the sun when down, it started snowing again to make up for lost ground.

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  1. Great blog! Glad I found you. Will read more, but I must leave for a stitching date or I'll be late. It is a dinner out, so don't want to be late!