Monday, April 2, 2012

Animals Speak Japanese in Hokkaido

I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was, when I found out that animals in Japan don’t speak the same language as animals in the US.

Dogs say Wan Wan instead of Bow Wow

Cats say nyan instead of meow

Deer don’t say anything

Pigs say boo boo instead of oink oink

Bears say Gow (rhymes with cow)

Cows say Mow (like what you do to the grass)

Roosters say ko ka ko koo and chickens don’t cluck they say ku ku ku

Bees don’t buzz, the sound they make is boon boon

Ducks say ga ga not quack quack

I’m not sure about Pandas.  They may not say anything or maybe they only speak Chinese.

Even with the differences, I think animals will understand the other language easier than people do. This week in Japanese class we practiced in front of, behind, next to, above, under, inside, etc. We had a picture of a living room and had to describe where things were in relation to other things – the cat is behind the piano, the plant is on the television, etc. Another picture showed a block long section of a town – the bakery is next to the florist, the bathroom is in the park, the mailbox is in front of the convenience store, etc. One very difficult thing for me is the little one syllable words (wa, ga, no) that sometimes come after a noun. I don’t know what the words mean or when to use them or why I need to use them or which one is used when. My Japanese sensei is so patient!


  1. where is the kouban-police box? nice blog

  2. According to the photo in the book, the kouban police box is next to the florist. Thanks!

    Kouban wa hanaya no tonari ni arimasu. Arigato gozaimasu!

  3. Oh my, what sweet pet photos. The kitty one is awesome!!!!