Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Cost of Gasoline

We are planning to get a car – in the spring – when the snow melts.  We’re thinking that will be soon and Ted has been researching cars.  I’ve been thinking about the cost of the fuel to run the car and wondering how it compares with the cost in the US. 

The last time we bought toyu/kerosene (3/22) for our “furnace”, our bill was 7403 yen, which is the highest we’ve paid all winter. I looked back through all of our receipts and see the cost had been going up a little at a time, up until the last time when it went up about five hundred yen from the time before. I thought gasoline prices were probably going up also, but didn’t know because, not having a car, I hadn’t been watching it.

I checked the prices of gas in the US on  and it looks like the lowest prices and locations are $3.14 in Salpulpa, OK; $3.25 in Alvada, WY; and $3.29 in Morehead, KY.  In Raleigh, gas is just under $4.00 a gallon.  The highest gas prices are $5.79 in Death Valley, CA; $5.11 in Lihue, HI; and $4.99 in Park Ridge, IL.

It is hard to figure out what gas prices here are in gallons and dollars because it is sold in liters and yen. I was able to find a website that made a comparison of gas prices in liters and US dollars . The average cost of a liter of gas in Japan is $1.86 USD, compared with $.96 USD in the United States. That means the average price of gas is about twice as expensive in Japan as in the US. Japan is still cheaper than the UK, where the average cost of gas is $2.16 USD/liter. I don’t know how much this evens out the cost of driving, but cars here tend to be smaller and more fuel efficient than those in the US.

According to the cost of a liter of gas in Tokyo, which is reported to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, is 147 yen. That would roughly be about $7.20 USD a gallon. I don’t know how current this information is.

How much is gas in Hokkaido, you ask?  I took this picture yesterday at a nearby gas station.

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