Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Week Wednesday is Friday

Friday this week is a University holiday, celebrating the anniversary of the beginning of the school, so there are no classes. Because of Golden Week, classes on Monday, Thursday, and Friday are a week behind the Tuesday and Wednesday classes. Instead of making Friday classes an additional week behind with this week’s holiday, Wednesday’s classes are replaced with Friday classes.

Last Friday we didn’t get to everything I had planned for class because some things went longer than I expected, so I need work on my plan for tomorrow, which will be Friday even though the calendar says Wednesday.  Last week half the class explained aloud how to make their favorite foods.  This week the other half will.  I was pleasantly surprised by how detailed their recipes were. They went all out for this assignment and I think several of them are really chefs. Recipes are great for vocabulary – ingredients, measurements, and food preparation words (verbs like mix, chop, beat, fry, etc.) Explaining the directions out loud is also a great way to learn pronunciation lessons.  One student was talking about making a duff. I asked her what a duff is and she showed me the recipe – the word she was trying to say was dough and she pronounced it like rough!  This led to an explanation of the different ways “ough” can be pronounced. We’re going to make a class cookbook with the recipes.

I can hardly wait to find out what’s cookin’ with the rest of the class tomorrow.

Here's a picture of my recipe - French Toast with Fruit (made by Ted)

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