Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Basket Teacup

Tiny teacup #7 of 18.  Here it is.

This afghan pattern uses six strands of thread and I'm using up a lot of thread.  That’s a good thing.  When I first got into stitching, I did counted cross stitch only.  I subscribed to counted cross stitch magazines and wanted to have every color of DMC thread made so that whatever I decided to stitch, I’d have the thread to do it.  As time went on, I bought extras of the colors I used most often. If patterns called for multiple skeins of a color, I bought them even if I had them to make sure they were all the same color. DMC made several changes in color over the years and I didn't keep up with which ones had changed, so I just bought more.  Sometimes I didn’t use as much as the pattern called for and had extra.  As a result, I have a ton of DMC floss. Before moving here, I hadn’t done much cross stitch in years, so I wasn’t using up what I had and I was still acquiring more. I don’t want to use so much that I have to buy it in Japan because DMC floss costs 100 yen a skein, but I’m happy to be lightening my load a bit. (We'll talk about how much of other kinds of thread I have another time...)

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