Sunday, June 8, 2014

Needlequest - Kogin 8 June

The Needlequest topic for June is "line", as a design element.  I’ve decided to work on a kogin project - the lines create the design.  Kogin is a Japanese stitching technique, so I've been wanting to learn more about it.  My first attempt at kogin was a small needlebook (see it here).  Now I am starting a bag.
My book is in Japanese, but luckily I am able to follow the pattern, without reading.
The first couple of rows were difficult to put in correctly, but now that I have several rows in, it’s easier to see the mistakes before I go too far because the design is emerging.

To find out more about kogin, including kogin patterns and projects, check out Caro-Rose Creations.  To find out more about Needlequest, check out Sew in Love.


  1. It will be nice to follow your progress on the bag. Do you stitch from behind, and do you use a ring thimble with a 'spoon'? I found the method difficult and my project is now a UFO, sigh!

    1. All I know about kogin is what I've read on a few blogs and what I can see in pictures, since I can't read the Japanese in my book. So that means I don't know much! I don't know about the ring thimble. When I started, I was doing a "scoop" kind of stitch, staying on top, but that wasn't working well. Now I am taking the needle up and down on each stitch. It's slow, but is working.

  2. A fantastic new project.
    An interesting stitching-technique.

    Greetings, Manuela

  3. Coming along well! Good for you.=)