Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Vacation Food in Okinawa

We ate well while away.  Besides the great food we ate while staying on Aka Island, we ate (and drank) at some of our favorite places from past trips.

Our all time favorite is a little place near Shuri Castle, with a beautiful garden.  The inexpensive set meal is followed by lemon sorbet. We ate there twice on every trip including this trip.

We couldn’t resist A&W for a root beer float in a frosty mug.

Inside Shuri Castle is a little tea room that serves Sanpin (jasmine) tea with little ryukyu cookies.

Blue Seal ice cream is famous in Okinawa, so we had to have it once. Ted had mango tango and chocolate cookie cream.  I had pineapple sorbet and something purple.

On our last trip, we discovered this izakaya and ate there several times.  This trip we ate there twice.  Normally I wouldn’t eat at an izakaya because of the cigarette smoke, but this place has tables near open doors. You order lots of little things and drink inexpensive beer (100 yen draft) here.

We've eaten at the Dojo Bar every trip.  The hand made pizza here is really good, but I forgot to take a photo.

This isn’t all we ate, but these things were our favorites.


  1. Wow! What a vacation! Great food and scenery for sure.

  2. What a lovely and delicious trip!

  3. Yum, all those restaurants look so fun and unique, and that garden is just beautiful (those blue flowers almost don't look real!)