Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Work In Progress Wednesday - Stitch Group Kogin

First - a finished crazy quilt bag:

Two continued with finishing the crazy quilt bags and the rest of us worked on kogin.  For the kogin they had to choose which pattern and what color thread.  For this first kogin project, they are using #5 perle cotton because it behaves better than the kogin thread.

The first line of kogin must be counted correctly and the other rows follow.  I told them the first row might seem difficult but it would be easy after that.  It took over an hour to count out the first row and I was afraid they would want to give up.  After that first row, they found out I was right!  

Another finished crazy quilt bag - this one round, with a drawstring.  

Two more kogin starts.  

Here is a kogin toolie set (needlebook and fob) I am working on.

Leonore who blogs at Needle, Pen & Sword is joining us remotely. She stitched this with ecru thread and wants to try it again with white because the ecru didn't show up well on this fabric.

A great Kogin resource is Carolyn Foley's blog.

Until we meet again.......


Queeniepatch said...

Yes, Carolyn Foley is the Queen of Kogin and has a wealth of information and patterns on her blog.
Great finishes, the first cq bag opens up so nicely. I am sure your Kogin stitchers will work at a higher and speed after the first row.
You, too, have made good progress on your Kogin work.
No wonder you need a lot of energy in the form of snacks! Or no wonder the snacks give you a lot of energy!

I am said...

Hi Pamela its great seeing the different patchwork bags the girls have made,i really like the Kogin work ,well done everyone xx

FlashinScissors said...

Gosh, I’ve never heard of Kogin before! I’ll have to go investigate this! It looks amazing!
Love the crazy bags!
Well done all of you with your Kogin projects!
Thank you for showing us!
Barbara xx

Manuela said...

Wonderful bags from the girls.

Brigitte said...

Also for me this is a totally new stitching technique. Great that the ladies of your little craft club started this new project. These crazy quilt bags are all beautiful.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Great finishes on the bags. I had never heard of Kogin either until you posted about it. It's very disciplined stitching. I love that your friends are so willing to try anything related to stitching and work at their own pace. What a great group.
xx, Carol

Lin said...

Beautiful crazy work - I love the draw string bag. xx

Leonore Winterer said...

You and your girls did great! I understand about the counting being difficult at first, although I started mine at the top, so the first row wasn't that hard to count. I'll have to experiment some more with my floss or maybe just get some of the real stuff, but it's definitely a fun craft! :)

kiwikid said...

The crazy patch bags are beautiful

Janie said...

Gorgeous projects Pamela and friends.
The colors, stitching and fabrics are exciting.
I too will look into this 'Kogin'