Thursday, December 7, 2017

Not the Ethnic Restaurant and Akihabara

I met two of my friends for lunch out.  They wanted to eat at the "ethnic restaurant", but we changed our plans because everything served at this place had bits of meat.  Instead we ate at S. Colina, and it was delicious.

After lunch, we visited Akihabara Shrine.  Later in December there is a festival here that I want to attend.  (It involves fire).

I had a good day and look forward to getting together again soon.


  1. Pamela: Beautiful photos, thank-you for sharing with us, that meal looks yummy.


  2. Another wonderful day out for you Pamela, I see mt Fuji in the distance there with snow again.

  3. Hi Pamela what a wonderful day out ,the food looks yummy and lots to see at the shrine xx

  4. Now I'm curious about what sort of food the "ethnic" restaurant serves?

    The shrine looks very interesting. I hope you get back for the festival and can tell us all about it.

  5. Your meal was so beautifully arranged on the plate.

  6. Food looks good! I am wondering, though, what exactly makes an ethnic restaurant 'ethnic'? What kind of food did they offer?