Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hot and Cold Drinks

Drink machines are everywhere in Japan. You are thinking, “So what?  There are drink machines all over the world.”  Not like Japan, though.  Drink machines are outside and inside practically every building.  One of the amazing things here is that you can get hot coffee or cold tea from the same machine! 

Blue is cold, red is hot.


Janie said...

The packaging is so colorful, I can tell color is very important in that culture. Happy Friday!

Manami said...

It's quite usual for Japanese but it's really interesting to know how foreigners feel when they see Japanese stuffs in Japan^o^/ Thank you for telling us your impressions!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I wonder why that hasn't caught on in the USA. I am interested what is done in other countries. We take so much for granted here.
xx, Carol

Renee said...

How fun! I just love it when you share posts like this. (It reminds me of the umbrellas for sale that you shared a while back.)