Thursday, September 19, 2019

Utsunomiya Castle Park

I got off the train in Utsunomiya and walked to Castle Park from the train station. I couldn't pass up seeing a Japanese castle, or in this case reconstructed turrets and a museum on the grounds of where the castle used to be. It was a pleasant walk from the station to the park.

I never expect English signage, but I'm always happy to find it.

You can come in and look around, but take your shoes off first.

This one is just like the other one.

This sign isn't in English, but I still understand.

There is a large elevator and a concrete tunnel between the turrets, with a museum.

I'm happy I was able to see another castle park. (If you are interested in Japanese Castles, check out my Castle Page to see the castles I've visited.)


Queeniepatch said...

For your readers there is no need to travel to see these castles. Your reports are always so thorough, informative and interesting, and yes, inspiring, so I guess in the end we DO want to go see the castles for ourselves!
ごくろさまでした. Thank you for your hard work, Pamela.

White Rose said...

Hi Pamela wow you find some wonderful places to visit,hope your day isa good one my friend xx

diamondc said...

Pamela: Wow what a great set of photos, I love seeing the streets in Japan, are they all like the one in the photo?


Vireya said...

I'm surprised how many castles there are to visit!

kiwikid said...

Ha ha I think we can all understand that sign!! It is so good to see these places restored or reconstructed so we can enjoy the history.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

You always share your trips to such cool places. One thing I am always struck by is how clean the places you go are. The sidewalks are well kept and maintained and the green spots are always so well manicured. the Japanese show much pride for their country and heritage.
xx, Carol

Leonore Winterer said...

Another one for your collection! What a shame that there isn't more left to see.