Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 Kanji of the Year

The Kanji of the year is a Japanese character chosen by the Japanese Kanji Proficiency Society through a national ballot.  The character with the most votes, selected to represent the events of that year, is announced in a ceremony at Kiyomizu Temple.  This year the Kanji of the Year is  金, kin, which means gold. This is the third time Gold has been chosen (also in 2000 and 2012). The kanji is written in an elaborate style for the announcement.


  1. I've known this kanji for a while now...but there's no way I could have read it from the calligraphy version!

  2. Is there any clue as to why people pick the particular kanji? Why gold?

    1. This is the explanation I found on the Rocket New 24 website:

      But why “gold”? According to reports, the “gold” kanji was selected for a number of reasons.

      Firstly, the high number of gold medals won at the 2016 Rio Olympics played a part in the selection. Secondly, the shift to minus interest rates also played a role, seeing as “interest rate” is “kinri” in Japanese, which incorporates the kanji for “gold” when written. Thirdly, Trump’s U.S. presidential election victory is said to have been a factor (presumably because of the gold hair?). And finally, Piko Taro, who shot to worldwide fame with the song ‘PPAP’, who’s known for wearing a gold-colored animal print outfit.

  3. Hi Pamela I found this very interesting to,thankyou .