Monday, July 31, 2023

The Stitch Group Goes to the Prefectural Art Museum

What a great day Saturday was!  I was able to go to a fantastic museum exhibit with my stitching friends. One of the stitchers bought our tickets ahead of time and saved us each 200 yen. This is the exhibit description from the English version of the museum website:

Stories Drawn in Threads: Embroidery, Illustration, and Fashion
July 25 (Tues) - September 18 (Mon, national holiday)
The warmth and beauty of handwork has made embroidery popular among a wide range of people. It has permeated daily life today in various forms, from traditional ornaments to everyday items. This exhibition introduces the art surrounding such embroidery from multiple angles through a wide variety of works. They include traditional clothing and textiles from Slovakia and Transylvania (crossroads of Eastern Europe), Inuit wall hangings (whose unique shapes and vivid colors have inspired many artists), free and fluid works created as illustrations for picture books, and even exquisite haute couture embroideries.

There were four parts to this exhibit and photos were only allowed in the first part, traditional clothing and textiles from Slovakia and Transylvania. 

We were very excited about the exhibit and wanted to see the stitches up close and wanted to point out things to each other. We were reprimanded several times by museum staff for getting too close/crossing the lines set up by the museum and for being too noisy. If you are a stitcher, I'm sure you would have been the same as we were. 

We called the one below renshu (練習), which means practice.  It has examples of over 60 patterns.

In the museum gift shop, I bought post cards and the exhibit catalog to have pictures of the other areas of the exhibit. If you are going to be in Shizuoka before the exhibit closes in September, I highly recommend seeing it!