Tuesday, May 31, 2022

New Scooter Law in Japan

Japan has enacted a new law - users of electric scooters, with a maximum speed of 20 KPH, will no longer require a license to drive/use them. Minors under the age of 16 will still be banned from riding them.  (The article I read said the law will go into effect within two years, so I guess you still need a license for now.)

When I read this, I was picturing sit down scooters that people with mobility issues use, but apparently I was wrong.  "Electric scooters" in Japan resemble skateboards equipped with handles and must be ridden with a helmet. Previously the scooters were classified as motorcycles, which require a license. Traffic tickets will be given for riders under the age of 16, as well as those who provide the scooters to underage riders.

Have you or would you like to ride this type of scooter? I suppose the brakes are in the handles, but it looks a little scary to me.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Record Low Number of Homeless in Japan

I don't often hear or read about homelessness in Japan. Last week I read an interesting story that reported on a government survey showing  homeless people at a record low in Japan this year. While I didn't expect a record high, I was surprised that there were fewer than ever after two plus years of the pandemic.  

According to the government survey conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, which has been taken every year since 2003, there are 3,448 homeless people in Japan this year. (This does not include people who are living in internet or manga cafes, so there are actually more people without homes.) The decrease reflects the results of self-reliance support projects run by local authorities and regional NPOs. The number fell by 376 since a year ago, which is a 9.8% drop. 

The majority of homeless people are located in public parks, riversides, roadsides, station buildings, and other facilities. Men make up the largest numbers of homeless with 3,187. Major cities account for 2,737 or 80% of the total.  Osaka has 923 homeless people, Tokyo - 703, Yokohama - 285, Kawasaki - 161. By prefecture, Osaka had the largest number with 966, followed by Tokyo with 770; and Kanagawa with 536.  According to the survey, twelve prefectures have no homeless people: Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Yamagata, Fukui, Nagano, Shiga, Nara, Tottori, Shimane, Yamaguchi, and Nagasaki.  

How does this compare with homelessness where you live?

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Myrtle Beach, SC Quilt Show 2007

There haven't been many quilt shows the last few years because of the pandemic.  When I was looking through some older photos, I came across these quilt photos from the February 2007 quilt show in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Do you have a favorite?

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Look up

I saw this in the sky floating above my apartment. You never know what you will see in the sky.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Friends

One evening while waiting for the traffic signal to change when I was walking home from work, I met a couple who were also waiting. We struck up a conversation and decided to meet up one day soon.  Sunday was the day we met up and took a walk to nearby temples. They both speak English, which was wonderful for me. Despite the difference in our ages, we had a lot in common and a lot to talk about. I look forward to our next outing.

Here are some pictures from Tesshuji and Ryugeji Temples. (I also wrote about Tessuji here and Ryugeji here and here, with more photos and explanation, if you are interested.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Work In Progress Wednesday

The Paisley Purse is coming along

I've put a few more stitches in the new Ukrainian project too.