Friday, December 9, 2016

Is It A Duck?

I see lots of water birds in the stream near where I live - Herron, Igret, Ducks.  I saw this black bird all by itself in the stream.  I didn't get a good picture because it kept trying to get away from me.  I'll be watching for it and maybe its family in the days ahead.


  1. It looks like a moorhen to me. Do you have moorhens in Japan? The other bird it resembles is a coot but they have a white patch on their head so they look bald as in the expression "as bald as a coot".

    1. From what I can quickly find on the Internet, it appears that moorhen and coots live in North American, but the description fits this bird.

  2. Lovely. A mystery. Google let me down on this one. Not many images of ducks found in Japan. Though I did find a guide with pics on the front and your duck appears to be one of them but who knows. Pretty duck.