Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eating Well

Shortly after I arrived, one of Ted’s coworkers made a comment to him that he would be eating well now that his wife is here.  We both smile about this because Ted does all the cooking at our house, so I'm the one who is eating well.  I’m better suited to doing the clean up.

We have a very small stove/oven with two gas burners.  The oven is the size for cooking fish or toasting bread, but there will probably not be any cake baking in this oven.

For dinner last night Ted made a delicious miso vegetable soup. The soup is not difficult to make, and I think I could probably do it, if I were so inclined.  Like I said, I am better suited to doing the clean up. Ted mixes the miso paste stuff with some water first, then cuts up all the vegetables and things.

The Haruki has a nice selection of vegetables and lots of things I can’t identify, as you know from an earlier post. (I saw something I thought about buying yesterday, but didn't.  I looked it up in the Japanese cookbook when I got home and it was renkon -  it looked like a pod you find growing in a pond).  The tofu I bought had the same day's date on it, so the store worker was putting the half off sticker on it just as I was looking at tofu.  I was happy to save 44 yen!

For this soup Ted put in carrots, onions, negi (kind of like a leek), broccoli, shitaki mushrooms, enokitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tofu, and bean sprouts.  I think a lot of vegetables and other things are grown in Hokkaido.  When it is not snowing, that is.  There are also a lot of cows in Hokkaido so milk comes from Hokkaido also.

I think it takes less time for this to cook than for the rice cooker to make the rice.

                                         Oishii desu - It's delicious.

If you are still wondering what the little fishes from Haruki are, check out the comments after the Haruki post a few days ago.  Thank you, Jinsheng for solving this mystery! 

                             Parting shot – Giant Panda crosses the iPod.

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