Friday, December 16, 2011

Paying the Bills

Yesterday’s big adventure was going to pay bills.  We had two bills that came in the mail and had to be paid, the water bill and the electric bill. They were both in Japanese, but the water bill had a big cartoon drop of water on it and the electric bill said electric company in tiny letters in English at the bottom. Numbers are numbers so we know how much we have to pay.

Here you don’t pay the bill online or write a check and mail it.  You have to go somewhere to pay it.

The water bill gets paid at the bank.

We were glad to walk where the sidewalk should be instead of on the road here. Most sidewalks aren't cleared.

The electric bill gets paid at the 7-11! Isn't that funny?

When you give money to a cashier here, you have to put it in a little tray.  You don’t put it in the person’s hand directly.  When you get change back or a paper like the receipt for the bill, the person gives it to you with two hands.

After walking around to pay the bills, we decided to go out to lunch at Blue Bombay, an Indian Restaurant.  Ted had made friends with the owner, Jimmy, before I arrived.  It was sunny and nice out when we walked around to pay the bills.  Shortly after we sat down at Blue Bombay, a snow storm blew up.  We could see it out the windows and whenever someone came in the snow blew in the door.  How quickly the weather changes!

We had the lunch set  – Ted had chicken curry and I had vegetable curry.

                                            Oishii Desu!

Good Morning 
I can’t be anonymous here.  I don’t blend into the crowd.  Yesterday when I was changing shoes by the gym, a man came walking down the hall, so I said Ohayo Gozaimasu (Good Morning).  He said Good Morning to me in Japanese, then in English said, "You must be the wife of Jones Sensei, How do you like the snow?" Everyone is very friendly.

Update on the Reindeer
I’m nearly finished with the outlining and everything the pattern called for.  I made a few color changes – the pattern called for gray, but all the reindeer I know of are brown, so I changed the color.  I also wanted the scarf red.  I think I want to make some snow on the ground and some snowflakes falling.  My first thought was beads for snowflakes, but the piece is so small that beads will look like snowballs instead of snowflakes.  I’ll let you know what I decide to do.

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Sun City Stitcher said...

I love all your stories about life in Japan, but glad to see you are stitching too!! I agree reindeer should be brown or a shade there of.