Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow, Snow, and more Snow

It snowed all day yesterday and is snowing hard now. It is incredible. Iwamizawa has a live camera on top of city hall but it looks all white this morning.

One good thing is that the days are getting longer by a couple of minutes each day.  Well, I guess it would be good if the snow stopped and we could actually see the sun. The sunrise time for today is 7:01 and the sunset time is 16:23. This is 23 minutes longer than the shortest day, 22 December.

There was no big adventure yesterday.  I didn’t leave the apartment.  Not once.  Not even to go to Haruki.  I worked on the Roses blackwork piece most of the day and made some progress.

Ted made a nice dinner last night – salmon and rice with vegetables and a bottle of Yamazaki Winery Chardonnay.  Back before the snow, before I came to Hokkaido, Ted went with a class of students to the winery.  Here are a few of Ted's pictures from that trip.

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