Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wrist Rihabiri

I go to physical therapy or rihabiri in Japanese (sounds like rehabilitation, I think) a few times a week for my wrist. I can't push, pull, or lift with this arm for a long time, but I can type and write and eat with chopsticks again. 

My therapist is young and sweet and very good at her job. First, I lay on a table with my wrist wrapped up in a heating pad thing for 15 minutes. After that, she massages my hand and arm and slowly pushes it in different directions.  She is able to rub some place near my elbow and it makes my wrist bend further.  I don't understand how she knows where and what to do, but she really does!  It is very relaxing to have her manipulating my wrist and doesn't hurt at all.  After that we go to a table and she has me do different exercises for three minutes each.  At the end of the session, she used a tool like a protractor to measure my range of motion.  I also have exercises to do at home several times a day. My wrist is still very stiff, but getting better.  

This is what my wrist incision looked like two weeks after surgery - pretty rough!  

This is what it look like now, about five weeks after surgery.

I met with the wrist specialist Wednesday and he thinks it is healing well.  He thought my range of motion was very good for only two weeks with the physical therapist.  Yes! Doing my home exercises is helping, I think.   

There is a cute elderly woman who had a similar break as mine about the same time as me, and the same surgery with the metal plate and screws.  I see her waiting for the doctor or in the rihabiri room and we talk a little.  Thursday I saw her when we were both getting bloodwork done.  She just got her cast off.  I don't understand everything she says, but I did understand when she pointed to my arm and said hayai, which means fast.  I think my arm is healing fast too.

After I had bloodwork done Thursday, I met with the oncologist yesterday.  Even though I feel good, my blood isn't so good.  I started back on the chemotherapy drug yesterday, but at a reduced dose.  The doctor is concerned and gave me many warnings (like if the whites of my eyes turn yellow, if I feel extreme fatigue, etc.) to stop the drug and go to the hospital.  I think I'll do okay with it.


  1. Well done you. It's not easy is it?

  2. OUCH, when seeing your wrist... but such an amazing difference between both pictures, it's a great improvement, and I'm very happy for you... Another challenge with your bloodwork, but - like you - I think you'll do OK, you're such a good fighter !

    Heartful thoughts, dear Pam !

  3. I hear doing the home exercises with rehab is key, so good for you. I hope your blood work improves too. Thanks for the updates.

  4. That seems to be healing quickly and well. Good work, Pamela!

  5. On the second picture your arm looks ready very good. And yes, it seems to be healing fast and fine.

  6. Proof positive prayers work! So glad to see such a quick recovery!

  7. Boy your wrist DOES look 100% better. Docs always give you instructions for the worst that can happen. Afterall, if it happens you want to know what to do, right? More prayers for you lady until you are through all your processes and then we'll still pray.
    xx, Carol

  8. Glad your wrist is healing well and you are gaining more flexibility from the physio. Will continue to pray that the chemo will do what it is supposed to for you and that you will not have to go through anymore after this round.

  9. So food to hear your wrist is healing well, the photos show a huge improvement. Well done with the physical therapy. Hope the chem OK works well for you and you do not have any side effects. Am thinking of you.