Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hold On To Your Panties

Headline News on Japan Today:  600 Items of Stolen Women's Underwear Found in Suspect's Home.  This is big crime news in Japan! 

"Police in Mitaka, Tokyo found 600 items of stolen women's underwear in the apartment of an unemployed 39-year old man who was arrested while trying to steal lingerie from the balcony of a woman's residence last month." According to the police, the suspect has admitted to the theft and said he had stolen these items over the past three years.   

While this is a strange story, I don't think that it would be crime news in the US. There are so many violent crimes to report that weird stuff like this gets printed under "News of the Weird", not the crime story page. 

I feel very safe in Japan, but I still hang my underwear to dry inside.


  1. My goodness!!! I think my underwear would ve inside as well!!

  2. lol i wonder what the man did with all these undies,yes i would still feel safe.

  3. I think the press and police want to inform the public about a crime that could lead to a more serious crime.
    They say it is not uncommon for a murderer-to-be to have practiced on killing animals before targeting people.
    So first you snatch knickers, then you snatch the wearer! Keep your underwear inside and lock the balcony door!

  4. Well now, he must have needed a big drawer to store them all in, ha ha.
    At least he showed commitment to his cause, in stealing so many.
    Good idea to dry yours indoors Pamela!

  5. Oh, I think this would definitely hit the crime pages of news in he US. This kind of kinky crime often hides other more macabre tendencies. Stealing panties is definitely creepy. And BTW, it would make me hopping mad. I LOVE my panties and look hard to find just the right ones, lol.
    xx, Carol

  6. Good job he was caught! How annoying to lose one's undies like this! Definitely dry them indoors!
    Barbara x

  7. This is the kind of thing that was being made fun of in silly anime shows when I was a kid...and now I read it actually happens? Japan must be a strange place. Strange, but safe!