Friday, September 1, 2017

How Many? Part 8

How many stitch kits does one stitcher need?  

My little toolies were all mixed up with all the different projects I have been working on. I decided to organize them and took pictures when I did.  

This one stays at home and is for beading stuff only - bead needles and miscellaneous bead stuff.

How many stitching kits do you have?  Do you have individual kits for different types of stitching?


  1. I have several and many more to be stitched. Yours are lovely!

  2. Oh Pamela this is gorgeous,you have some gorgeous kits,no i use the same one all the time,lol,now you have me thinking i would love some more.xx

  3. A very elegant place for your beading tools!

  4. That's a good idea to have a specialized kit.
    'Summer is sunshine and flowers', cheerful and nice stitching.

  5. A great idea to have a beading bag for all things bead related.

  6. A special beading set! Now that's cool.