Sunday, September 3, 2017

Vacation Stitch Projects

You may have guessed that I've been away. I've just returned, but haven't yet gone through my trip pictures. I always take three (small) projects on a trip and this one was no different. This is what they looked like before I left.

ABC sampler with Danish Flower Thread (the chart says 1985)

Sashiko panel 

Eyelet fobs  

I only worked on the sampler while I was gone, but I think I completed quite a bit.  I'll try to get back to working on this again soon.


  1. You just returned! I thought maybe you hadn't left yet.
    Beautiful work on your sampler, Pamela.

  2. Nice too se you back. The sampler looks beautiful and you did get a lot done. I always take heaps of things to do when away too and often don't do a lot.

  3. Welcome back my friend,lovely projects to take with you,your sampler is looking fantastic,well done ,looking forward to hearing about your trip xx

  4. Sewing on vacation can be extensive or a 'it just didn't happen'. If you are alone, don't do the driving and/or have to sit in transit halls the chance is you can stitch a lot. Go away with friends or family, be very active and you will have no time or energy.
    I think you have had plenty of time to be active as well as sit down to stitch. The perfect holiday?

  5. Welcome back.
    The sampler looks great.

  6. Lovely sampler - well done -

  7. You did very well with the sampler.
    I always have a few projects with me, in case one doesn't suit!
    Looking forward to reading about your travels.
    Barbara x

  8. You made some considerable progress on this beautiful sampler while you were away.

  9. Oooo, Danish flower thread is something you don't see too often! Looks perfect for a sampler!

  10. Looks like you are almost done with that little sampler! Nice progress.