Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday Morning Star Count - Cats

This week I made some cat hexagons for a project in the future.

I ordered some templates in different sizes and shapes and they arrived this week.  I have ideas for more paper piecing projects!

Week 24 of the temperature quilt
October 8 - 14
79, 79, 82, 73, 82, 64, 59

This is my temperature/color (Fahrenheit) scheme: 

100 + Brown 

90-99 Red  

80-89 Orange 

70-79 Yellow  

60-69 Green  

50-59 Blue 

40-49 Purple 

30-39 Pink 

20-29 White 

10-19 Black 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela ,love your cat hexies xx

Glenda said...

Pamela those cat hexagons look fab. You are having fun with those LOL I'm a hexie fan and bought a 1930's unfinished quilt from the USA I've finished making the top now hand quilting ever little hexie !!!!! I'm over 1/2 way with that project and I love working on these lovely old fabrics. Cheers Glenda

Vireya said...

The cats are cute! The blue in your weather rosette was sudden.

Sarah said...

No fair, not saying what the coming projects are. Just saying. Wink!! 😉 There's quite a variety in the new paper shapes. The "singing" cats are my favorite! I see your weather is getting mixed up like ours. We had a big storm come thru a couple hours ago - dropped the temperature a good 20 degrees.

Brigitte said...

Oh, these cat hexies look so promising. You must have lots of fabrics with cats.

Manuela said...

Lovely little cats.
I'm looking forward to your next hexagon projects

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

OMGosh, those kitties are so cute. I think I'm going to love your next hexie project too!
xx, Carol

Queeniepatch said...

Charming cats!
I know it isn't purple cold yet, but it sure feels like it today!

Anthea said...

Oh those kitties are so cute Pamela... can't wait to see what you do with them.
Looks like a few new fun projects on the drawing board with your new packs of shapes!

JudyC said...

Your hexagon cats are really cute. The light colour one is really interesting.

Leonore Winterer said...

We're done to a blue day - it really is getting cool now! The cats look very fun, I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll think up.