Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Take A Stitch Tuesday #112 Feathered Chain and #113 Beaded Feathered Chain

Sharon B at Pintangle is not currently posting new TAST stitches, but I haven’t tried out all of the ones she previously posted yet.

I had tried out #112 the feathered chain before, but decided to do it again, along with #113, the beaded feathered chain.  My sample included #8 perle cotton (blue), two strands of cotton floss (red) and a metallic silver.

If you are interested in learning new stitches, check out her TAST page here.


Janie said...

Great stitches and I like the beads with it too. I know Sharon is not currently posting new stitches but what she has posted could keep anyone busy for a long time, yes. She's done so much in the way of tutorials and inspiration, can we thank her enough?

Anthea said...

lovely praccy stitching there Pamela... learning some new stitches & techniques are always something I'd like to do but never give myself time for!