Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Autumn Festival

The company where I work hosts an annual Autumn Festival for its employees. I was happy to attend this year, even though I didn't know a lot about what was going on.  

There was a ton of free food and large cups of draft beer for only 100 yen.  Unfortunately, I'm still eating the after surgery soft diet, so all I could eat and drink were little egg sandwiches and bottle tea.

At the beginning, there was a Japanese Drum performance.  The movements of the drummers are as much dance as drumming.  


Each department had team members who participated in games.  I thought the first one was going to be like Name That Tune but I was wrong.  The game was three loud songs played at the same time and the teams had to write down the names of the songs.  The audience was trying to guess along with the contestants. I had no idea!  

The next game was two part.  The contestants had to walk across the stage with a ping pong ball on a spoon and put it in a cup to pick up a paper.  They then went back to the start in the order of putting the ball in the cup and read the paper in a microphone, then  had to run out into the audience and find someone.  I'm not sure about all of the papers, but they said things like -- find someone with 30,000 yen in his wallet or find someone wearing a certain thing. The contestant and the person ran back to the stage.  

The third game was called something like Four people, Six legs.  I'm not sure about that one. Several of my students were contestants in this one.  As this game was later in the evening, I'm guessing these contestants had already had a few of these cheap beers. These groups were tied together and had to go under a bar, then walk over a rough section without shoes.  Getting under the bar without knocking it off was really difficult.  

I think everyone had a good time at the Autumn Festival.


  1. Hi Pamela,sounds like a fun time and lots of food .

  2. I guess this is Japanese company team building!

  3. Enjoyed reading especially four people six legs. It must be very fun.

  4. How joyful ! Looks like this was a huuuge, well organized party. How nice for the company personnel....

  5. Very unusual games, Pamela. Shame you weren't able to enjoy the food much. Great photos, you really captured the mood of the evening!
    Barbara x

  6. What a hoot! Glad you were able to go, even if you missed out on some wonderful food. How much longer on the soft diet?