Thursday, June 7, 2018

Music and Audrey in the Big City

My friend and I met at the train station and went into Shizuoka City a couple of weeks ago.  First we listened to music in Sumpu Park.  The guitarist was the brother of my friend's friend.  

Next, we went to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibit. There was a photo opportunity at the entrance, but no photos allowed inside. 

I've always liked her and I loved the exhibit.  I bought two post cards at the little gift shop.  

What a fun day! At home, I watched Love in the Afternoon and Sabrina on YouTube.  Beautiful Audrey.


  1. I like Audrey,too!Especially,Sabrina is cute and beautiful.
    I watched almost her cinemas.My favorite cinema is Love in the afternoon.
    She lives forever…

  2. Yes, she was so beautiful both in her youth and old age. She had a very beautiful heart, too!

  3. Hi Pamela wow what a wonderful experience ,I love Audrey too ,glad you had a fun time xx

  4. When I was a teenager (oh so long ago!!) I used to wish I could be as willow-ey and lovely as Audrey Hepburn...I even tried her short haircut (not a success ;{{{ ) Nice you got to see this exhibit...hugs, Julierose

  5. I loved Audrey Hepburn. Maybe because she was the absolute opposite of me on stage. I like to think I am as kind as she was though. I often think that today's stars just do not have the presence on stage as so many of the actors of years ago had. Who is today's Paul Newman? Even the actresses that come to mind are of MY generation. It's kind of sad.
    xx, Carol

  6. Another lovely day out! It's fun to see Audrey Hepburn's name spelled in Japanese.