Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hikone Castle Museum

This is a fantastic museum with information in English as well as Japanese.  If you visit Hikone Castle, I highly recommend you buy the ticket that includes the museum.

Suit of Armor in the Gusoku Style
Red-laquered iron places laced with blue silk braid
Edo Period, 19th century

The Battle of Wakae
color on paper
Edo period, 19th century

Set of Sword Fittings
Kosuka, kogai, and menuki
with design of the battle at Ichinoani
Edo period, 17th century

With gold maki-e deisgn of tachibana (citrus fruit)
crest on a black lacquer ground
Edo period, 18th century

with gold maki-e design of tortoise
on an aventurine lacquer ground
Edo period, dated 1639

Sword Mountings for Daisho Pair
(set of long and short swords)
with black-lacquered scabbards
Edo period, 18th century

Sword Mountings for Daisho Pair
transparent lacquered scabbards with engraved
thread-wrapping lines on a red oxide of iron powder
painted ground
Edo period, 19th century

Wakisashi Sword
Incribed "Tadayoshi"
Edo period, dated 1628

Katana Sword
Inscribed "Kunimitsu"
Muromashi period, dated 1540

Tachi Sword
Inscribed "Kanenaga"
Kamakura period, 13th century

Noh mask: Sankojo
Color on wood
Momoyama period, 16th century

Noh mask: Choreibeshimi
By Genri Sukemitu
Color on wood
Edo period, 19th century

Noh costume: Hitoe kariginu over jacket
with design of pine scrolls over hemp-leaf
pattern on purple silk ground
Edo period, dated 1814

Noh costume: Suo suit
with design of karahana (Chinese flowers) and
karakusa (chinese grasses) scroll on light blue
ramie ground
Edo period, 19th century

Noh costume: Mizugoromo jacket
Kight green raw-silk gauze
Meiji period, 19th century

Noh costume: Atsuita-karori outer robe
with design of peonies, plums, and lions in
Chinese style fans over higaki (braided fence)
enclosing ishidatami (checkers) pattern
Edo period, 19th century

Noh costume: karaori outer robe
with designs of scattered peonies and
paulonisas in fans and shippo (linked
jewels) on golden brown ground
Edo period, 19th century

Noh costume: Choken jacket
with design of fans with drooping cherry
blossoms and flowing water on purple silk
Edo period, 19th century

Noh costumr: Surihaku inner robe
with fish scale design
Taisho-Showa period, 20th century

Noh costume: nuihaku inner robe
with design of various crests
on black silk ground
Taisho-Showa period, 20th century

Noh costume: Okuchi trousers
Red seigo-weave silk
Taisho-Showa period, 20th century

Saka Poem
By Ii Naosuke (1815 -60)
Important Cultural Property
Edo period, 19th century

Furnace for tea kettles "Sazanami"
Iron, with design of ripples
Edo period, 19th century

Bamboo Tea Scoop
names "Yu zuki" ) An Evening Moon"
by Ii Naosuke
Edo period, 19th century

By Ii Naosuke (1815-60)
Ceramic, Raku ware
Edo period, 19th century

Flower Vase
Old Banko ware, Ceramic, with celadon glaze
Edo period, 18th century

Museum Library

Tea and Sweets

The next part of the museum was outside of the main area and was set up like a traditional house and garden

Great museum!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela what a very interesting post ,you have some awesome places to visit in Japan,thankyou for sharing my friend xx

Sheryl said...

Another interesting post Pamela, love the gorgeous embroidered costumes.

Jeanie said...

This is such a fascinating and interesting post, Pamela. Quite the museum. I can see why you were captivated -- I am, just looking at the photos.

Leonore Winterer said...

Wow, that's an impressive collection of artifacts! I love the Noh costumes and the swords. The outside area is beautiful too!