Friday, March 14, 2014

The Old Bookmark Project

I pulled out this project yesterday. The directions say Aztec Stitch Bookmark by Pat Rozendal. Handwritten in the corner is “January 2005, Cardinal EGA program, also April”. The directions are still available here.

It looks like I barely got started, then put it away. I can’t remember why I didn’t continue working on it. Maybe I only attended one of the two guild meetings or maybe I made a counting mistake? I don't remember.  After nine years, isn’t it about time to get back to work on it? I've made a start.


  1. Now this has really tempted me and I have printed off the instructions. We are due a cyclone this weekend so I may stay indoors and stitch a bookmark. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. beautiful stitches

  3. Funny how some projects just end up in that big basket and when we rediscover them we're never quite sure why we put them down! This is looking lovely...had a peak at the instructions......tempting! :)

  4. Wonderful stitching.

    Greetings, Manuela