Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday - Slow Progress is Still Progress

I’ve stitched all week but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress.

I’ve continued with the accentuate overstitching and have just the loop of the tail left to do with that.  The photo doesn’t show the sparkle, but it’s there.  It's well worth the time it takes to stitch over every stitch.

On the RSN garden, I’ve added a small yellow flower section.


On the small garden, I’ve worked on the lower section.  There’s still a lot to do!

Posting each week on my big projects is keeping me working on them.  Yes, I’m still starting new ones, but I’m not putting away the old ones.  Check out the progress other stitchers are making at Pintangle.


  1. Beautiful stitches

  2. How can you call this slow progress? I understand it is hard to see, in the photo, all the sparkle you have put into the dragon, but it surely must have taken a lot of time, and be fantastic to see 'in the flesh'.
    Spring is progressing in your gardens, too.
    Good show, Pamela.

  3. I'm actually in awe of the intricacy of your work on these projects! Super progress!!

  4. Beautiful progress.

    Greetings, Manuela

  5. Beautiful work…so inspiring!

  6. Still very beautiful projects!

  7. These are amazing, lovely progress
    Jackie x

  8. Both your dragon and garden stitching is fabulous! What super projects to be working on!

  9. The dragon is gorgeous! Do you have the pattern information? Is it still available?

    1. This project is a class taught by Dorothy Lesher, the designer of the dragon series. She sells the kit with line drawn canvas, as part of the class. I don't know if she is still teaching face to face classes but she does teach through the Shining Needle Society.