Saturday, July 16, 2016


It rained really hard in the morning, but the rain cleared, so I went out looking for Tesshu-ji. Here is some information I found on a travel site about this place:

Kuno Temple, once built at the top of Mt. Kuno, was moved here by Takeda-Shingen in order to build a castle. Although the temple was once abolished, Tesshu Yamaoka restored the temple and changed its name to ”Tesshuji”. Located on the hill of Mt. Udo, you can see the beautiful view of Mt. Fuji, Shimizu Port and Miho pine trees. 19 sutras written by Indian ink on paper (Kunoji Sutra) are national treasures, which were the oldest decorated sutras transcribed by the Retired Emperor Gotoba when he became a priest.

It is set into a steep hill so of course there are a lot of steps.

On the way back down, I was happy to see Mt. Fuji in the distance.


  1. Hi Pam thankyou for sharing these amazing pics,i am enjoying traveling with you ...

  2. I, too, feel as if I were with you on your trips around Shizuoka. What a charming bib the Kannon statue is wearing! They are usually plain and red!

  3. Interesting cape on the statue!! Thanks for the tour.