Sunday, July 3, 2016

Toro Ruins

Two new friends invited me out for a day seeing some local sites.  I think they had visited these places before and the trip was for my benefit. I was grateful for the opportunity to spend the day with them and to see some special local places.  

In the morning, we visited the Toro Ruins, which has been designated a special  historic site of Japan.  The ruins were discovered by accident in 1943 during construction of a munitions factory.  After the war (1947-50), an archaeological excavation was undertaken and the area was identified as having been a rice farming village during the Yayoi Era (2000 years ago).  Traces of dwellings, storehouses, and rice paddies, along with pottery and wooden bowls were dug up. The Toro Ruins were opened as a historical park in 2011.  

First we visited the museum, where there were many fun hands on activities and displays, including weaving, planting rice, and grinding rice.  

Outdoors we saw the restored village and were able to taste some red rice that was cooked in the earthenware pot, as it was in the Yayoi period. 

After leaving the village, we went to lunch at a wonderful Japanese restaurant.  I had maguro sashimi with some kind of citrus sauce setto. The dessert was something like a macha pudding.  Very delicious!

I'll have a post about the afternoon visit to Toshogu Shrine in a few days!


  1. Looks like an interesting trip and a tasty lunch!

  2. What a wonderful day out, historh means so much more when you can do activities and be a bit hands on I think.

  3. Boy, I bet that was an interesting visit!! And you are making friends in your new home..Awesome.
    xx, Carol

  4. That was a great museum, and I am sure you had a good time with your new friends.

  5. Wow that looks like a very interesting day Pamela... so great that the area is now open or visitors to see such rich history

  6. Interesting photos, thanks for sharing.