Sunday, July 10, 2016

Free Wifi on Mt. Fuji

Free wifi will be available at 49 locations, on all four climbing routes, on Japan's tallest mountain during this summer's climbing season, from July 10 to September 10.  The service will be provided by Wire & Wireless. While I can understand the value of checking the weather or being able to contact someone in an emergency, to me it just seems wrong for there to be wifi on Japan's most culturally and historically signifiant, natural site.  What do you think about this?


  1. Hi Pamela i think its great ,especially if someone is hurt or stuck or needs directions,everything seems to change sooner or later,hope you have a wonderful day ....

  2. Well Pamela. I guess I think WI FI should be everywhere, especially in remote places where there may not be cell service in case of emergency. But I would hope it would not be used to check you email.
    xx, Carol

  3. In 2014 there was the sudden and deadly eruption of Mt Ontake (
    In such a case wifi, alerts and weather information is vital. Mt Fuji is Japan's most famous volcano and mountain and draws lots of tourist from overseas. I bet they all want to sent photos or do Face Time or whatever while there.
    In my opinion it would be great if there was free wifi EVERYWHERE!
    Also, Mt Fuji is a mountain to LOOK at from a distance, it is not spectacular 'in the flesh'.