Friday, March 10, 2017

Quilt in City Hall

I was in City Hall the other day and noticed this quilt and description in English!  

Besides Baskin Robbins, there is very little English in my town.  If you know anyone from the Omaha Quilt Guild, let them know I saw their quilt!


  1. Nice! My town is sister city to Portland, ME, but I don't think there is a quilt anywhere. However, we have a US mailbox at the main post office. You can drop international mail to any foreign destination there. I use it as often as I can.

  2. That's an interesting design for a quilt from the US to Japan. Is it a traditional pattern in quilting?

    Lol I remember your fun post about word play phrases at Baskin Robbins!

  3. Great log cabin quilt from the Omaha Quilt Guild.
    'Variety is the ice of life', how funny! Just for you, Pamela.

  4. I'm a huge fan of the log cabin pattern, particularly when it's created only with colours.

  5. What a great surprise, is a great quilt.