Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Flea Market

When I walk to the train station on weekend mornings, I see a little flea market along the walking path.  Usually I am not able to stop and look because I am going somewhere.  Recently, I was just walking, not going anywhere in particular.  I stopped to look and  made a couple of purchases. It's an interesting mix of food and vegetables and children's clothing and hand made items and old things and other stuff.  I bought ten spools and one card of thread, all for 500 yen.  I also purchased 12 men's ties, all for 400 yen!


  1. Love those little markets, you got some great purchases.

  2. Treasure hunt is often successful, when visiting flea markets :) Talking about ties, I once admired an amazing quilt, with Dresden Plates made out of men silk ties...


  3. The pattern on a tie is often small in scale and the material rich and silky. That makes a tie perfect for crazy quilting or stump work. I have used a tie to great effect on a at least two stump work portraits.

  4. O gosh, you got good loot. We used to have great flea markets around. Then they became antique markets and unaffordable. Did you buy the ties for any particular purpose? I have so many ties that I have kept over the years after that Annie Hall fad!
    xx, Carol

  5. Wow! Great bargains, Pamela! I'm sure you will put the ties to good use!
    What a great little market!
    Barbara x

  6. Great finds! The fabric of those ties is beautiful...just not for ties, for some of them! I guess crazy looking ties are a thing everywhere in the world.