Saturday, January 20, 2018

Friday Night Sushi with Pepper

I often go out to a kaiten sushi restaurant after work on Friday.   I like the inexpensive sushi, plus there is a robot named Pepper who welcomes guests and assigns seating. 


Isn't he cute?


  1. Oh, he is sooo cute! Tee, hee.
    Great that you happen to like the sushi there too!
    Barbara xx

  2. That's different! Can Pepper cope with people who don't read or speak Japanese? Does he understand if you put up 3 fingers because you want a table for 3?

    1. When you touch the screen, another screen comes up with numbers. After you touch the number, a third screen comes up with a choice of booth or counter or either (in Japanese). I think an employee would come by to help if a customer couldn't read. Pepper doesn't understand fingers or English!

    2. Pepper needs to take English lessons from you to prepare for the influx of visitors in 2020 and the Olympic Games!

  3. Yes, very entertaining!
    We had sushi tonight too, to celebrate Friday.
    No robots just friendly servers.

  4. Does Pepper change his uniform? The Kentucky Fried Chicken 'ojisan' and Fujiya cakeshop's Peko-chan change for different seasons or events.

  5. Pepper is awesome! We have a robot here named Albert that used to work as a guide in a museum. I don't get to meet him often since he belongs to a different department, but it's always fun to see him.