Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Seven-Eleven in Okinawa

I've been back from my trip for over a week, but still haven't gone through my photos.  I will try to have photos and stories from my trip soon.  Until then, here's some other news about Okinawa.

Seven-Eleven Japan has announced that it will start opening stores in Okinawa, the only prefecture in the country currently without Seven-Eleven stores, in fiscal year 2019.  Seven-Eleven's president Kazuki Furuya told Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga that the company plans to open 250 stores in the prefecture the first five years.  Competitors Lawson's and Family Mart already have stores in Okinawa.  

My students often tell me Seven-Eleven is their favorite convenience store. My favorite is Seico-Mart, which is only found in northern Japan, mainly in Hokkaido. They have the best ice candy (Japanese name for popcicles).   Here in Shizuoka, I like Lawson's, probably because it is the one closest to where I live. 

Do you have a favorite convenience store?


  1. I use my local Safeway supermarket as a 'convenience' store it's just down the street and I can't even remember where the closest 7-11 is around here.
    I'm not so much into Slurpies now anyway.

  2. 7-11 was probably my favorite in Japan (about 10 years ago). I did not have a kitchen and I remember that their hot pasta meals were pretty good. I do think that Family mart has the best sandwiches though! Lawson's had the best jelly-fruit things. In the US, 7-11 is better than they used to be, but still nothing like the selection and quality in Japan. I do miss it when I need something and don't have much time...

  3. Sheetz is the best but we don't have any in Connecticut so I have to default to my second favorite which is Cumberland Farms. All of the 7-11s in my area are very old and gross.

  4. I don't really use a convenience store, the supermarket is just down the road here. In NZ we had a dairy, kind of like a convenience store, where you could buy basic groceries, milk bread and the paper, and lollies!!

  5. I've been to a Seven Eleven for the first time when I visited Australia in December. I wonder why it is that just one prefecture didn't have them until now?