Sunday, January 21, 2018

New Year Stitch Group

After the holidays, we were all happy to get together for the first time this year.  

Kogin was a popular project.  Here are two more finishes, date book covers.  

One person started a new Kogin project on her own.  Do you recognize this pattern?

Our new group project is redwork.  Each person chose her design and traced it onto fabric, using the light from the window. After that, the stitching began.  

We had new year treats and omiyage treats.  

And, I received some wonderful gifts!  Thank you, my friends.


  1. Lovely to be back sewing with your group.

  2. Such a wonderful way of starting a new year, all together !
    The kogin book covers are awesome... I LOVE redwork stitcheries, and I'm very curious to see the designs your group friends chose :D

    As to me, we're both, hubby and I, stuck here with the flu, but this too shall pass...

    In stitches,

  3. Great work by all.
    I bet you liked the calendar the most!

  4. The little books covers are lovely. xx

  5. Wonderful finishes from the ladies.

  6. Hi Pamela you have so much fun with your lovely sewing group love all the kogin work xx

  7. I am glad you have fun, Pamela. Beautiful finishes. Kisses, my friend.

  8. As usual, I have a happy smile on my face as I view your pictures and read about your time spent with your friends. Your gifts are lovely. The calendar is perfect for you and all gifts are thoughtful!
    xx, Carol

  9. How lovely that your stitchers all enjoy their Kogin :) I'm looking forward to seeing your redwork projects!