Thursday, September 3, 2015

Midnight Mystery Quilt - September Edition

Today’s the day for the next set of instructions to come out!

Mystery Quilt
Last month’s instructions were to make 36 “no waste flying geese.” I didn’t know what these were, so I did as suggested and checked out a YouTube video on how to do it. It wasn’t as difficult as it looked. The geese are supposed to be 3 ½ inches by 6 ½ inches and mine are pretty close. The 3 ½ sides are good, but a few are only 6 and a third or a fourth.  I’m hoping I can make do with a smaller seam on these. 

I’m looking forward to seeing the new set of instructions.

It’s not too late to join in.  This is really fun. Check it out here.


Lin said...

Beautiful colours for your geese. xx

Cheryl said...

Your geese look great! I think you should be fine with the slightly small blocks.