Thursday, November 26, 2015

Heavenly Wind Concert 2015

Saturday evening, my friend Alicia and I attended the annual Heavenly Wind Gospel Concert.  One of my adult English students is a member of the group.  Alicia and I also attended her concert last year. 

We sat in the second row and could see my student – she was gorgeous, her dance moves were perfectly timed, and her English spectacular.  It was a fabulous concert.

Cameras weren’t allowed, but I did snap this of the stage (without flash) before the concert started.


The guest performer was Butch Heyward, with the Harlem JP Choir. Mr. Heyward is a large, older, black musician from New York City – I’d love to know how he got involved with a Japanese Gospel group in Hokkaido.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert.


kiwikid said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening.

Lisa J. said...

Sounds very interesting, and fun.

Manami said...

I wish I were there! Someday I'd like to see her great performance too. See you later ^o^/

Renee said...

It sounds like a wonderful event!

Queeniepatch said...

Gospel concerts are usually so full of energy!