Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday - Measuring

The class directions say to bead heavily for the first eight inches on each side, then just a few beads here and there.  I understand why, because it is very heavy! I am almost at eight inches on one side and about half on the other.


Janie said...

Looking rich and elegant. This is a class project?

Pamela said...

This was a class I took at the Chicago EGA National Seminar. I'm not sure what year it was - maybe 2007? I didn't work on it right away after the class and when I did get back to it, I discovered the kit was short on beads. I couldn't find matching beads and was very discouraged, so I didn't want to work on it again. This year I have been trying to finish projects that were "stuck", so I'm using beads that I don't like so much. I do want to finish this!

Queeniepatch said...

If the short edges are heavily beaded, and there is a beaded fringe, the shawls will hang beautifully. Bead the WHOLE shawl ant it will give you stiff shoulders with its weight.