Thursday, June 8, 2017

Flea Market - Shrine Day

My friends invited me to join them last Sunday.  I happily said yes, even though I wasn't sure what we were doing.  I thought it had something to do with a shrine and some crafts.  They picked me up at my apartment and off we went! After parking, the six of us looked at these maps and used the restroom (because we didn't know if there would be another).  

Let the adventure begin....  

The Flea Market/Farmer's Market  

One day a month this community hosts a sale of prepared food and vegetables and all kinds of stuff. Yes, I did buy a few things. You'll have to go to the end of this post to see what I bought. There is a narrow curving road, leading up to the shrine and all along the way (miles and miles it seems) people are out selling and buying. 

The Shrine  

There were about a million of these little statues set into the hillside  where you could leave a coin and make a prayer. It was such an interesting place with the waterfalls and moss - kind of ancient and a little bit spooky.

This little moss head was my favorite

After all this, we had lunch at the Indian restaurant. What a fun day!

My Purchases  

First I bought a single kimono for only 100 yen!  Then I bought three bundles of fabric - 100 yen for each bundle.  Finally I bought three silk kimonos for a total of 500 yen for the three!


  1. That flea market sounds like a hidden treasure, as are all those cute mountain jizo statues. I like the mossy head one, too. Great fabric haul!! (So glad to find I CAN comment on your posts. Yahoo keeps telling me my comments are being blocked.)

  2. Lucky you, Pamela! Thanks for sharing your photos.
    Yes, good choice the fabric and kimonos. The colorful toys would have
    tempted me also.
    Lovely scenery.

  3. What a bargain! I am sure you will love to use all the fabric.
    There is so much to see in your area!

  4. Great pictures - if the yen converter I used is telling the truth then those fabrics and kimono were amazing bargains! xx

  5. This is a great post, full of lovely pictures that really show what a wonderful event this was. You got a great deal on those Kimonos!
    xx, Carol

  6. What a wonderful place to visit...the market looks great, so many different things. I liked the moss head shrine too, it must be very damp up there for all the moss to grow so well. The kimonon are beautiful.

  7. How fun, I love flee markets! And you had a great haul - silk for just 500 yen? Ywesome!