Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

The Tokyo Photographic Art Museum is just a short walk from the Ebisu Station. There are a number of different exhibits on different floors and the admission fee depends on which and how many of the exhibits you want to see. The exhibit I chose was called TOP Collection: Learning  Into the Pictures and the fee was 500 yen. Below is the description from the museum website.  I highly recommend this exhibit.  It was very thought provoking.

The TOP Collection is an ongoing series of exhibitions presenting works from the collection of the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum. This edition deals with the theme of “Enjoying and Learning.”
The type of learning that occurs in a museum is a different experience from learning something at school or from a book. The type of total-body learning that arises from the spatial atmosphere of the building, the rhythm of the works on the wall, and the presence created by the actual size of the works is wholly unique to the museum.

If you look closely at the works showing things that are interesting to you instead of seeing them as documents from a given era or sources of information, you may realize something about the works that you hadn’t noticed in the past. Discovering something you don’t understand and simply enjoying that feeling is another way of learning at the museum.

Drawing on the museum’s vast collection of over 34,000 items, this exhibition introduces a host of outstanding works from a wide range of times and places, inviting you to enjoy the rich and diverse types of learning that are possible at the museum. Both those who are well-versed in photography and those who are visiting for the first time are sure to enjoy and learn something new. Okay, are you ready? Let’s enter the pictures!

Approximately 50 artists, including KIMURA Ihee, KUWABARA Kineo, NAKAHIRA Takuma, NARAHARA Ikko, SUZUKI Risaku,
UEDA Shoji, Diane ARBUS, Bernd and Hilla BECHER, Henri Cartier-BRESSON, Cindy SHERMAN, Robert DOISNEAU, Elliott ERWITT,  Lee FRIEDLANDER, Minor WHITE, Garry WINOGRAND.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela what a wonderful place to visit,hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

Queeniepatch said...

I have passed this museum, but never been inside. Instead I had a seal Icecream outside!

Jeanie said...

Pamela, I really loved what you said about "if you look closely" because that is SO true. Oh, I'm so glad I decided to follow your blog!

Leonore Winterer said...

You make me realize I don't visit museums often enough. They can be so interesting, even if some of my friends won't believe me!