Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Work in Progress Wednesday - Bag Progress

This week, I continued working on the butterfly kimono bag.  I  lined it with a Japanese print and stitched it together by hand.  It still needs a draw string to finish it.  

I also started a new little project - a kogin pattern on a prefinished pouch.  It is taking quite a bit of concentration because it isn't a repeating pattern.

What are you making progress on this week?


FlashinScissors said...

Love the butterfly Kimono bag! Such a pretty lining too. The Kogin looks so complicated, well done!
This week I’ve been helping a friend to make a small bag from some vintage skirt fabric (from her late mother’s fabric stash I believe). The friend is new to stitching. Her fabric is rather stretchy but has an interesting pattern. I helped her cutting the fabric last week, and this week she has stitched a front and back. Hopefully next week we might make a handle for the bag. Perhaps I should take photos for the blog, hadn’t thought of that!
Hope that wasn’t too much information.😊
Barbara xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela ,your bag looks stunning well done my friend and i love your kogin project ,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

Queeniepatch said...

It is such a good idea to use kimono sleeves and handkerchiefs for these bags. Love the lining, too.

Leonore Winterer said...

The butterfly looks great - I love the pattern on the lining. Kogin embroidery on aida fabric makes for an interesting look - I like it!

kiwikid said...

Beautiful butterfly you are making. Your Kogin embroidery looks interesting.