Monday, July 30, 2018

Monday Morning Star Count - Week 12, Hot Hot Hot

Year Two of the temperature quilt  

Week 12,  July 15 - 21 

93, 95, 95, 97, 95, 93, 97

Sarah at Sarah Did It! is continuing to host us on Wednesdays, so please check out the temperatures around the world.  Feel free to join it! 

I am reporting the high temperature each day.  My Year Two temperature/color (Fahrenheit) scheme remains the same: 

100 + Brown 

90-99 Red  

80-89 Orange 

70-79 Yellow  

60-69 Green  

50-59 Blue 

40-49 Purple 

30-39 Pink 

20-29 White 

10-19 Black  


Queeniepatch said...

It has been sizzling! Will you have some burnt (brown) pieces next time? The heat continues.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful hexie Pamela ,gee you still have quite hot weather,stay cool my friend xx

Vireya said...

Oh, wow, that is not a fun week temperature-wise!

Manuela said...

Wonderful hexie.
Here in Germany it is very hot, too.
Hope for you and for me, it will be cooler, soon.

kiwikid said...

Oh my goodness, hot weather for you!! Lovely colour though.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have read about your heat wave and seen news about it on TV. There are several world maps on the web showing temperatures in the 70s compared to now. It's really pretty scary. I keep thinking about a movie I saw where it got so hot that everyone was migrating to the north to survive the heat.

We are also seeing pictures of huge pieces of icebergs breaking off and floating south. Yes this always happens but not the breaking off pieces are FAR more large than ever before.

On my computer monitor your hexies are a WONDERFUL color of hot pink, though your chart says red.
xx, Carol

Leonore Winterer said...

Oh, my. I'm really hoping you won't need any brown fabrics!