Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Little Album for Granny Mary

We tell Ted’s Mom about our life in Hokkaido on the phone and in letters, but we don’t know if she gets the whole picture of it all.  We decided to make her a little album to show her.  We posed a few pictures around the apartment and places around town.  Ted pulled some more pictures from his photo archive of trips we made and flowers he’s photographed.  We had them printed at the big American store (Cosco) while we shopped (15 yen each).

I laid them out on the pages and had to eliminate a few because there were so many.

After the pictures were on the pages, we journaled.  We wanted to tell her a little more than the pictures offered at a glance, like we don’t have an elevator and that there’s a fire escape that folds out in case of an emergency, and about what we order to eat at our favorite restaurant, Bombay Blue.

The page on the left says "a dear on the beach, a deer on the beach".

I think she is going to like seeing how we live in Hokkaido.


  1. What a great idea. I'm sure she will love it. During my first year living in Japan I sent over 1000 photos to my parents as I wanted them to see my life and all the little "oddities".

  2. That's a wonderful idea. She will love it...what a great way to show her your new home and all the neat things you are experiencing!

  3. Photos can explain so much easier than words and your photos are so lovely. Hope she enjoys your project!