Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hokkaido Stats

I recently found a very interesting website that compares the 47 prefectures (states) in Japan in all kinds of different areas, . I keep going back to the site to see how Hokkaido measures up to the other prefectures.

In minimum wage, Hokkaido is near the middle, with a minimum wage of 678 yen.  The average is 713, and the range being 791 in Tokyo and 629 in Miyazaki, Okinawa, Nagasaki, and Saga.

Male life expectancy is 78.3 years in Hokkaido, which is a little below the average of 78.79.  Female life expectancy in Hokkaido is 85.78, slightly above the average of 85.75.

Population density is no surprise, with Hokkaido being the least populated prefecture, with 72 persons per square kilometer.  The average is 343 and Tokyo the most populated area with 5,751 persons per square kilometer.

In Hokkaido there are 2.1 Facebook users per 100 residents, which is # 14 in the list of 47 prefectures.  Tokyo boasts the most Facebook users with 50.02 users per 100 residents. The second most is Kanagawa with 3.68 and the fewest is Kochi with .76.

There are 17.91 Americans per 100,000 population in Hokkaido, or about 998 Americans.  Okinawa has the most with 160.65 per 100,000, followed by Tokyo with 151.86. The lowest percentage of Americans is Yamagata with 10.55, and the average 41.46 per 100,000.

There are about 150 categories, so I may have to write more about these statistics in the future.

The Dragon’s Spine
I worked yesterday at couching the Metallic Soft Twist for the spine. It’s coming along.

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