Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shhh, Ted's sleeping

After traveling more than 24 hours, my one year old husband is back in Hokkaido.  I met him at the airport last night and we took the train back home together.  I remember how disoriented I felt almost ten months ago when I arrived from the US.  He’s traveled there and back in the space of a month, so I know it is even harder for him.  I wonder if there have been any studies on whether this kind of time travel gets harder as one ages. At 50, nothing seems to bounce back as fast as when we were 20.  I’ll just have a cup of tea and quietly work on my little toolies.

I finished the stitching part of the project and just need to finish by putting them together. 

I wish I had taken some notes about what to do! I’m sure the teacher went over the finishing directions, but that was five years ago and I don’t remember anything she said. When I figure it out and finish, I’ll post pictures.

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