Thursday, July 21, 2016

Kabuki Saturday

Last Saturday I took the train to Fuji City to see this Kabuki performance. The name of this play is Matuura No Taiko, and it starred a very famous Kabuki actor, Ichikawa Somegoro. The ticket taker correctly guessed that I would not be able to understand what the actors were saying and produced a six page English explanation, which he gave to me with my Japanese program!  

Photos were not allowed in the theater, so I can't show the beautiful scenery or the costumes and make up of the actors.  It was past my bed time by the time I got back home, but I was so happy that I was able to see this traditional Japanese performance!


  1. It must have been a fantastic experience. So glad famous kabuki actors bother to go to the 'sticks'.

  2. You fi u nd a considerate ticket person, good to hear you enjoyed the performance.

  3. wow this wouldve been amazing to see Pamela and how thoughtful of the ticket man ,hope you have a wonderful day xx