Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year's Stitch Group

Our stitch group met last Sunday, for the first time in the new year.  Five of the six finished their snowman ornaments.  I love how they add their individuality with shape or cording colors.  

We started a new project, which is a blackwork heart.  The idea now is to add some fabric borders to the finished hearts and make a quilted wall hanging.   That might change.  We'll see.

After stitching we celebrated the new year with some traditional Japanese treats.  

I truly enjoy this group of friends!


  1. Wonderful to be stitching with friends. .love that red teapot.

  2. How wonderful to have this group of friends to stitch and celebrate with!

  3. Hi Pamela,wow i love those decorations,they are all wonderful.
    What fun you have with these girls,looking forward to seeing the hearts.

  4. The ornaments looks great.
    It is wonderful to stitch with friends.

  5. You can take part in so many Japanese traditions and customs in this group.

  6. Thee snowman ornaments are beautifully finished. The ladies were doing a great job.