Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Morning Star Count - Possible Tree Layout

I've been working on a possible layout for the tree - still deciding.  The cat is in the middle, maybe trying to hide.  I'll look at it a little while longer, then start putting it together.


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  1. I like it ! It's very special, and the colors are nicely melting together... not to mention the cute kitty cat :)


  2. Good combination of greens.
    Your funny cat is a tree climber, eh? Do you need to call in the Fire Brigade to get it down?
    Is this a tree in the forest or inside the house? Will you add embroidered ornaments or charms?
    Will you have a background?
    If it's a wall hanging how are you going to solve the hanging sleeve issue?
    Have fun while deciding how to put the hexagons together.

  3. Looking great - it is going to be lovely. xx

  4. Hi Pamela wow love the colours,this is going to look so good.

  5. I like these hexies and I especially love the placement of the kitty. She is like black and white pictures you see with only a spot of red. Love it.
    xx, Carol

  6. Ohhhh what a mischievous look your sweet little cat has!
    I'd be tempted to either put him nearer the top maybe, or else hiding ..... nearer the bottom, where he could be waiting to jump on an unsuspecting passing dog or a stray mouse .....
    Isn't it funny ..... I'm thinking the cat is male where others are thinking female! I think your cat's face looks very much like our own dear "little" cat ..... but you wouldn't see what I see, he is a black cat and his features are hard to see!
    Looking forward to seeing how you put your pretty hexagons together!
    Barbara x

  7. wow that is some project. Very clever

  8. Oh I do love that Pamela! Too clever!
    And the cat, hiding before creating disaster?! Funny kitty!

  9. The photo of the cat seems to have gone, but the hexie tree is looking great

  10. As always, I like your colour combinations, this is looking marvellous